What makes Gulliver.com unique ...

Gulliver.com surpasses other e-commerce solutions with features such as :

  • Oracle database to ensure robustness, durability and reliability,

  • High-volume integrated e-mailing service for sending messages relevant to the product, customer and behaviour bases,
  • Real time analysis of web surfing by Internet users to improve site dynamics and interact directly with potential buyers,
  • A/B testing to assess ergonomic alternatives or buying process,
  • A perfect integration with Google Analytics advanced features including the conversion tunnel ...
  • Enhanced management of loyalty points, sponsorship and couponing,
  • Finalizing shopping carts by telephone after abandon and to increase the conversion rate,
  • Managing Adwords landing pages to increase the potential of key-words campaigns,
  • Test site / production site staging, to safely prepare the evolutions of the site
  • Comparator site to group product selections or prices from multiple sites,
  • Evolutivity with the possibility to endlessly modify the scripts that determine site behaviour,
  • Open, by the presence of APIs allowing other apllications to interact in real time with the site,
  • The Power of a distributed computer architecture to ensure high performance without rewriting the initial development.

Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)