306 e-commerce software

Every e-merchant seeks a unified interface to all the features needed to successfully build up his online business.

Gulliver.com offers a coherent software suite with a modular architecture that simplifies the management of e-commerce generating between 1 000 and 100 000 orders per month.

Our software is used daily by number 1 e-merchants who appreciate our integrated vision of e-commerce. With an integrated software, they are free to dedicate more time to their customers and to selecting the products they sell.

Gulliver eCommerce

Stand out in e-commerce by maximizing traffic, conversion and shopping carts value.

The e-commerce solution by Gulliver includes Gulliver TeleActing, Gulliver eMailing and Gulliver Ad. This complete solution, provides a unified user interface covering all the chain value for an e-merchant.

Gulliver teleActing

Satisfy your customers in real time

Also works on another platform ( eg :Magento)

Gulliver eXchange

Improve on line customer service with perfect synchronisation between the site and your organization.

Gulliver eMailing

Perpetuate your visibility with e-mailing for e-commerce.

Gulliver Ad

Take the best of Google Adwords.

These software products are modular and work perfectly together. They are incliding in the Gulliver eCommerce offering and when used separately, bring great functionality to e-commerce sites based on other platforms.


  • 12 years of experience in e-commerce
  • More than 250 e-commerce sites 
  • Strong expertise in different trades
  • Bespoke ecommerce solutions


bloc_partenaires.png Active member of SCS

Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)