R&D and Innovation are at the heart of Mobeo's strategy.

Since the creation of Mobeo, our efforts in R&D have carried through our vision that e-commerce does not only consist of a simple catalog display, an on-line ordering interface and delivering products.

We have developed software products that manage the whole of the e-commerce value chain: visibility, user experience and customer service.

This vision is now embodied in 5 coherent software modules with which e-merchants master the whole e-commerce value chain: traffic, sites, customers, linked with the operating system of the company.

Perfectly aware of the economical challenges of e-commerce, we organized our development in 3 phases.

We started with the conception phase which includes patent registrations (we own several patents already).

This was then followed by an experimental phase with the help of innovative customers. After many correction loops, the release phase we then achieved the release of tested products with different advantages.

After the release of a new product, we introduce an active vigilance leading to a permanent improvement process based on customers' reactions and market evolutions .

We play an active role in professional associations concerned with technology and converge viewpoints with innovative companies to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers. In 2010 The French Minsirt Of Industry certified our company “Innovative enterprise”. This is the sign that Mobeo has successfully built up a range of innovative products adapted to the market.

Our efforts in R&D are constant and we commit ourselves to putting a new product to market every two years. All our innovations have one goal : to put the necessary technology at our clients' disposal so that they keep ahead of their competitors.

To illustrate this point, just consult the product file card of our last 2010 innovation : Gulliver Ad. This product, unique in its field, is a software which maximizes the efficiency of sponsored links such as Google Adwords and searches on the site while automating landing page management. The e-merchant has a considerable advantage in the efficiency of his “sponsored links” budget while reducing the necessary time dedicated to the management of the key-words associated to his products. This is an obvious advantage for a profitable gain as well as turn-over for his e-commerce.

Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)