The Internet modifies your business model. Our aim is that your e-commerce contributes to the reorganization of your business around 4 main guidelines


Control of your selling costs and marketing ; add a new low-cost distribution channel


Be available everywhere, 24 hours a day


Act quickly and check the efficiency of your marketing actions in real time


Work together with satisfied, disappointed, innovative or demanding customers


E-business with Gulliver = an innovative approach.

With E-commerce, the question is not whether to do it or not. It is how to optimize the interactive merchandising approach:

  • optimize your interactive marketing practice

  • create qualified traffic towards the e-commerce site

  • take into account both the site's core functions and those needed to attract customers

  • maximize the rate of conversion of visitors into customers

E-business viewed by Gulliver : power, openness and simplicity.

Many solutions are inadequate....

There are a lot of e-commerce solutions on the market. Most of them only propose a subset of the functions necessary to e-business such as web hosting, catalog management, search engine, virtual shopping cart, promotion, monitoring, analytics, secured payment, connection with external systems...The main difficulty consists of finding the right balance between the cost of an e-commerce site while being flexible and alert to adapt to the constant changes of the site.

Or unattainable

Only large corporations have powerful and complete electronic marketing tools. Companies starting in e-commerce cannot afford the cost of these tools which start at 40,000 Euros.

Normally the first vocation of an e-commerce is to display a catalogue of products on the Internet. To make the site more effective marketing and selling functions are required. Software solutions including the 3 requirements of electronic commerce are hard to find. 

AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH BY GULLIVER.COM offers a coherent and modular software suite to manage an e-business site, ensure traffic, and transform sales.

E-commerce is not only a matter of a virtual store-front. The marketing and sale functions are essential although they are often independent from the shopping function. As a website solution provider, combines the promotion and sale tasks to improve the performance of electronic sites.

Our vision is that in the near future a widespread usage of the Internet for e-commerce will become a complete channel of distribution, implementing skills, tools and specific modus operandi. Our mission is to offer companies the best way to open a profitable channel of distribution on the Internet.

Gulliver can increase sales on the Internet today with its powerful software package :

Our uniqueness is to encompass in a single solution the management of your catalog, your newsletters, your sales promotion and your direct marketing. With our solution you will find new customers, gain your existing customers' loyalty and develop your turnover via the Internet.


Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)