E-commerce hosting

Gulliver.com is also a technical platform composed of numerous dedicated servers in the best European data centers and administered by our engineers. By using our softwares on this platform you will benefit from a single contact for all technical aspects.

Thanks to its design, Gulliver.com presents a high level of security and fast response time on properly sized and configured servers.

Our facility maintenance services ensure a regularly updated software with new features. At each update, we ensure data migration and technical updating.

E-commerce with shared hosting

The web merchant has one or several accounts to access to our softwares on one of our servers.

he benefits from competitive pricing based on real use (SaaS model)

E-commerce hosting with one or several dedicated servers

The web merchant has one or several dedicated servers for its activity on line within our technical platform.

He benefits from a technical infrastructure completely dedicated to its activity.

External e-commerce hosting

The web-merchant uses another hosting contractor and requires our softwares on an infrastructure which is not managed by Gulliver.com.

He is free to group together multiple hosting contracts.

We continue to offer a full maintenance with data migration and technical updating.


  • 12 years of experience in e-commerce
  • More than 250 e-commerce sites 
  • Strong expertise in different trades
  • Bespoke ecommerce solutions


bloc_partenaires.png Active member of SCS

Ministry of Industry's Innovation Label (07/01/2010)